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Cedar Shake Roof

At CMD Roofing, we specialize in providing exceptional cedar shake roof services for residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced roofing professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality craftsmanship and outstanding results.

Our Cedar Shake Roof Services

At CMD Roofing, we offer a comprehensive range of cedar shake roof services to meet your specific needs:

Installation Cedar Shake

Our skilled team specializes in expert installation of cedar shake roofs. We ensure precise and proper installation techniques, paying attention to every detail to guarantee a long-lasting and visually stunning roof.

Repair and Maintenance

If your cedar shake roof requires repair or maintenance, we are here to help. Our experienced technicians can identify and address any issues promptly, from replacing damaged shakes to treating and preventing moss or algae growth.

Restoration -Preservation

Cedar shingle roofs may require restoration or preservation to maintain their beauty. We offer restoration services, including treatment and application of protective coatings to extend the life of your cedar shingle roof.

Choose CMD Roofing for Cedar Shake Roof Excellence, When it comes to cedar shake roofs, trust CMD Roofing to deliver exceptional craftsmanship, superior materials, and outstanding customer service